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skin sag from mobile phone

Is your phone making your skin sag?

That’s got you thinking – hasn’t it??? You probably are well aware of the damaging effects of screen time and blue light on your brain – latest research brings awareness to the increase in Alzheimers and Dementia with the long term exposure with phone usage…

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peptides for better skin

Peptides For Better Skin

So, what are peptides? Peptides are part of the “rebuild” function of what your skin does by allowing messages to “get into” the cell. Think of it like opening a door so that good ingredients can enter the cell doorway – once inside, your cell

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covid 19 stress

How to Maintain or Gain ENERGY during COVID-19 Lockdown

STRESS creates energy loss Brain Dumping to ease adrenaline It’s clear that the more you worry about “stuff” – the more depleted you feel of energy…so here’s a few ideas to keep your mind clearer, emotions more supported & therefore GAIN more physical energy to

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Shift Workers and Nutrition Tips to Help Sleep

Shift Workers & Nutrition Tips to Help Sleep

How can shift workers boost nutrition and sleep? The biggest problem for shift workers is that Melatonin & Serotonin – two neuro-chemicals in the brain that help you sleep – get imbalanced with shift work & circadian rhythms go “out”. This brings about the increase

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