Celebrate Wise Women

A 4-week workshop series that will show you how to have a healthy journey into menopause - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learn how to “Eat, Move, Breathe & Be” with my four principles of good wellness for hormones that will leave you feeling more confident in your body & self than ever before.

Over four workshops you’ll come together in a supportive space with like-minded women for learning, coaching, and problem-solving tailored to your experience. 

Menopause is a natural part of life and should be celebrated. This is a time when you have more time for YOU – however because of modern day pressures, lifestyle & disconnection (within & with others), sometimes triggers symptoms and changes to your body that you may find less than desirable – as well as down right uncomfortable!

With the right tools in your tool belt – you can learn how listen to YOUR body & action the right steps to empower strength & wisdom to become your best version of YOU.

Over 4 x 75-minute workshops you get:

  •  small group coaching of a holistic approach to healthy living without fads, diets & restrictions
  •  mind/body/soul connection to physical conditions that affect peri & menopause, such as sleep, weight gain, irritability & loss of libido
  •  workbook on strategies so you can journal your own path using the techniques based on my 30+yrs experience as  a practitioner & living through menopause personally
  •  emotional connections that sit in the body as symptoms & how to release these so that the next 1/2 of your life is joyful, fulfilling & heart-centred.
Plus, each week we will go over challenges that have come up while practicing your new rituals & practical solutions to work through these, as well as a new topic each week based on my four pillars, with action steps. We all know that theory and practice can look very different – so you will learn how to work these strategies in a smarter not harder way.
We begin on 14th August, and I would love for you to join us.


Vicky Jamieson - Natural Menopause Treatment Australia

About your facilitator

Hi, I’m Vicky Jamieson

I’m a Qualified Wellness Coach, Beauty Therapist, Holistic Aromatherapist, and Anti-Ageing Expert.

My mission is to help women overcome unnecessary hormonal symptoms that make life more challenging.

Combining my own personal experience of changing hormones, stress & gut issues, with research and methodologies from eastern and western wellness philosophies that have stood the test of time, I empower women at this stage of life to understand and embrace their bodies so they can step into who they are and live with vitality.

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