How to Fix Dry Skin and Reduce Lines in Winter

Night Time for Skin Repair

Your skin repairs better at night, as the rest of your body is at rest. From a survival perspective, your skin (the biggest organ in your body), is the LAST thing to get energy for repairing and regenerating during the day, so it saves it all up until the body is at rest.

So how do you maximise the time you spend in bed to help reduce lines and dryness?

Night time is the time to maximise what goes ON your skin – as the skin is more absorbent, plus it uses the “nutrients” in your skincare to help with the repair process. The best products to use at this time are your richer, more nutrient-dense night creams, serums, ampoules & boosters.

The down-side to watch out for is your skin also absorbs pollution, makeup & particles (like dirt) in the air that are sitting there from the day. This can start sinking INTO your skin, creating more damage and accelerating the creation of lines and skin break-down, resulting in sagging and lack of firmness. It is also a time when your skin is more susceptible to toxins IN your skincare.

Some Simple Skin Care Tips

Make sure you wash your skin at night to remove impurities and also, mentally – to wash away the day (feelings of tiredness & stress) and use a toner…one of the most under-utilised products to help stop your skin from drying out.
Then add your anti-ageing serums, boosters and a night cream, so that your skin is “fed” goodies that make it’s job of repairing and making new, healthy skin, easier.

Getting into a Night Time Routine or Ritual will also help you sleep better & make you feel revitalised in the morning.

Just like brushing your teeth at night… Washing and nourishing your skin at night should only take 2 minutes.

You don’t even have to have your eyes open!

This can start the process of relaxation in preparation for sleep, especially if you have been busy during the day, are super tired or have been stressed by events of the day.

Using the smell of your products and the action of massaging your face – to literally “wash away” your cares before bed.
This will also trigger brain chemicals like melatonin & serotonin to be released, setting you up for a better, more rested sleep.

As you sleep longer & deeper, you will also be releasing your body’s own Human Growth Hormone which gets triggered from the brain every 3-4 hours of deep sleep cycle, which supercharges every cell in your body to regenerate – including your skin!
This is why experts call it BEAUTY SLEEP

Some of my favourite night treats are:-

Intraceuticals Collagen Booster – under my night cream
Intraceuticals ReTouch Lift on any areas I want to “lift” & firm
Celavive Revitalising Serum for firming
Celavive Night Regenerating Cream
Celavive Sheet Mask
TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream

All are sold in my salon and online, depending on what your skin needs are, how dry it is and what conditions are drying it out.

Reach out for a personalised consult on Zoom to get the right one for you.

Picture of Vicky Jamieson

Vicky Jamieson

Vicky is a qualified Health and Nutrition Consultant and has been helping women live healthier more fulfilled lives for over 25 years.

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