Is your phone making your skin sag?

That’s got you thinking – hasn’t it???

You probably are well aware of the damaging effects of screen time and blue light on your brain – latest research brings awareness to the increase in Alzheimers and Dementia with the long term exposure with phone usage… as well as the use of laptops and male infertility….so what about your skin?

Screen Time

Spending too much time in front of computer or TV screens & using your phone directly to your head (ie face) has research suggesting that the blue light emitted from these screens can increase enzymes that degrade collagen and speed up the rate at which you age.


1. Cut back on screen time to minimise exposure to wrinkle-causing blue light.

2. Use ear buds if talking on the phone to minimise emissions near the skin.

3. Reduce screen time (use the app on your phone to manage & track this) – which also helps improve sleep and overall mood/mental health… by helping to release a better balance of endorphines and other happy drugs (like serotonin and dopamine plus your natural GH – Growth Hormone, that also reduces stress – ie. cortisol!!  which also breaks down collagen rapidly), thus slowing the ageing process, lines, excessive sagging, dark spots and patchy textured skin.

Skin Care Bonus

Turn back the clock with natural age defying natural compounds using LifeVantage Protandim NRF2 Activator
– taking 1 tab per day monthly for each decade of life – triggers the “pathway” for your OWN body to make its powerful antioxidants like SuperOxide Dismutase, Catalase & Glutathione, allowing your body to fight free radicals at a much faster rate than taking supplements or with food alone.

In a peer-reviewed human clinical study showed that after Protandim® was taken for 30 consecutive days, important biochemical markers of aging were decreased by an average of 40%. The study also reported that these markers of aging were reduced in the subjects taking Protandim® to the level of a typical 20 year old. Protandim® is currently the subject of approximately 25 scientific studies at universities and research facilities. The nature and stages of the studies vary.

Available in the salon & online.

PS. You can’t smile and frown at the same time – choose smiling every time! 🙂

Vicky Jamieson

Vicky Jamieson

Vicky is a qualified Health and Nutrition Consultant and has been helping women live healthier more fulfilled lives for over 25 years.

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