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collagen boosting for menopause

Collagen Boosting Secrets for Menopause

Dry, dehydrated skin that is thinning & sagging is a sign of hormonal changes & potentially Menopause So what causes this and can you change it? As your Oestrogen levels deplete with coming into menopause – which starts usually around age 40 and continues to

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skin care for older women

Botox in a Bottle!

BETTER BODY is all about YOU! Look 10 Years Younger and Feel More Confident Than Ever! Loving my newly plumped skin… It’s hard to believe that 3 months ago I started the Proflavanol C100 and NOW 3 months later my skin is feeling firmer, plumper,

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how to fix dry skin

How to Fix Dry Skin and Reduce Lines in Winter

Night Time for Skin Repair Your skin repairs better at night, as the rest of your body is at rest. From a survival perspective, your skin (the biggest organ in your body), is the LAST thing to get energy for repairing and regenerating during the

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dry winter skin solutions

Dry Winter Skin Solutions

So…your skin is drying out and some days it feels like your eye sockets are drying up Hot air blows on your face in the car in an attempt to warm up – stripping your skin of surface moisture and cracking your lips! Your body

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