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Loving my newly plumped skin…

It’s hard to believe that 3 months ago I started the Proflavanol C100 and NOW 3 months later my skin is feeling firmer, plumper, more hydrated and (I’m hoping..) less lined! At least the fine ones!

Sad thing is, once we hit 35 years, your body is accelerating the skin’s ageing process and another unfortunate thing for us women, is that your hormone levels decline about then too, thinning your skin, making it sag more easily, line more easily and also becoming more sensitive to anything unusual on your skin. Not good news when you want to feel more confident about “who you are” as a woman, more than ever before (certainly than in your 20’s)…

That’s why I have always been interested in anything that could “naturally” give me the “edge” as far as skincare goes….and also why I first looked at supplementation many years ago to work “in” with my skincare products, healthy living programme and looking after myself.

Once you have the skincare routine down pat – and love what your products are doing for your skin – it’s time to look inside….

What can you be doing to “juice it up” from the inside out? If you are looking at working on the structure of what your skin sits on – you need to go deep down in the skin to the “dermal” layer – where your moisturiser doesn’t get to…and feed it from the inside.

Now good whole food, nutrition and water for hydration are super important but the skin is the LAST thing to get nutrition from the inside….and food ain’t what it used to be….

So if you want to increase your collagen so your skin looks sexy, smooth and plumped so that no lines show through…you have to look at the big picture….it takes 3 months for healthy collagen to rebuild…and since it is breaking down at a rate of 15%-30% each year over 35 years.. it’s time to start rebuilding NOW.

Proflavanol C100 is a unique blend of grapeseed and Vitamin C that has the power to rebuild collagen 20x faster than regular Vitamin C alone and also has the benefit of being a super anti-oxidant that helps stop other forms of ageing in the skin from free radical damage (& makes you feel more energised – who doesn’t want more of that?!).

You will see an immediate glow and radiance to your skin in 2 weeks (at full dose) and then wait for it… 3 months later your collagen is rebuilding back at a faster rate than it is breaking down… magic! Obviously, you will need to continue with this and the longer you do, the less likely you are to get deep seated lines or sagging. That’s why health professionals & experts call this “Botox in a Bottle”.

Beauty to me is about the inside AND the outside, mindfulness and happiness – how about you?

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Vicky Jamieson

Vicky Jamieson

Vicky is a qualified Health and Nutrition Consultant and has been helping women live healthier more fulfilled lives for over 25 years.

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