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Hi my name is Vicky Jamieson

I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist and Holistic Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach and Skin Expert.

I have owned my own Beauty Therapy clinic for over 20 years and specialise in a completely holistic approach to your total well-being, giving anti-ageing tips that help you age gracefully, including a special focus on the unique powers of plants, aromatherapy, stress management and vitamin therapy.

After quite a few years of trying to find balance while being a busy Mum, loving wife, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, I realised I wasn’t winning and in fact I was more tired than ever!
I ate well, exercised regularly, did yoga and loved what I did…but I was still worn out by the end of every day and I knew I was taking it out on the people I cared about most
…I also realised I was burning out!

…and I was only 40!! Surely there had to be a better way..

Vicky Jamieson skincare menopause expert
vicky jamieson bayside skin facial expert

How I Changed My Life

I started with a new health regime – one that working internally and externally which fitted with my holistic approach to life and didn’t take up too much time or effort with concoctions and potions.
I found I had more energy, was less stressed and had more balanced moods.

I shared this with my clients and colleagues, friends and family and now it is my passion to help women (and men) all over the planet, create balance, fantastic energy and a beautiful skin. Because ageing gracefully is all about wellness…from the inside and the outside – body, mind, spirit.

Anti-ageing is creating skin that you can be proud of and that makes you “sing” from the inside.
I feel a great need to share my expertise with women who have been too busy to do all the “right” things for their skin or have been too busy looking after everyone else, but care enough about themselves to be proud of who they are and more importantly teach our kids to make the right choices with skincare, with food that keeps them “clean” and full of vitality and positive attitudes that build them up to have fabulous lives so they are confident in their own skins..and we in ours, no matter what our age!

My expertise and tips give you true “time out” concepts to take to YOUR world to create un-busy-ness and serenity to make your skin glow.

We focus so much on having a healthy body in terms of diet and exercise. We are a nation obsessed with the latest health food buzz’s and exercise trends. Health requires a holistic approach – and this extends to our skin and what we put on it – or more to my point, what we put in it.

We can ‘workout’ our skin, like we do our bodies at the gym. This is where professional treatments come in – peels, oxygen facial treatments, massage etc. They stimulate the cells of the skin and get them strong and healthy and working as they should!

Let’s remove the stigma of ‘vanity’ associated with skin care. Yes, beautiful skin is a side effect of having healthy skin but health equals beauty in my opinion. If you look healthy, you are as beautiful as can be.

We can’t wait to see you and help you on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

I have been having oxygen facials with Vicky for around 15 months now and my skin has never looked better. It always amazes me that there is something to learn every time I step into Vicky’s beautiful space. Her space is divine and she has the most nurturing soul. My teenage daughters have also worked with Vicky on skin nutrition age and weight management. They have both had great results. Highly recommend Vicky, you won’t be disappointed.
Helen Forster


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