Supercharge Your Lifestyle: Rituals for Great Skin
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Supercharge Your Lifestyle: Rituals for Great Skin

Rituals are all about taking moments to be “aware” & invoke the “sacredness” of life... YOUR life

Use some or all of these “rituals” to create your own wellness lifestyle…one that serves you to FEEL the best as well as BE the best you can BE

Skin is a reflection of your inner health – mentally, physically and emotionally

To allow a vibrant life to shine through from within – these are the practices and rituals that I do. I have developed & implemented these over time – approx 30 years…so start small.

You may find this a lot or you may have mastered them all – wherever you are at…don’t judge yourself!

skin care rituals

Simple Steps to Get Started

Tick off what you are currently already doing within your routine

Then mark 2-3 (max) that you will focus on this month

Next month – tick off achievements and choose 2-3 (max) more to implement

Rinse and repeat

NB: If something isn’t working – let me know and I may be able to tweak what’s going on with a few simple changes 🙂

Upon Waking

  • Hydrate - with warm water and lemon juice OR 1tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) and a chaser of warm water (this helps pH balance the gut and starts the hydration process off again)
  • Exercise/ Move the body - I find the best way is to go outside (if you love the gym - this is also fine)
  • Green Smoothie* (unless it’s the weekend or something has come up unexpectedly) NB. Make sure you are adding a protein powder to your smoothie as this is beneficial to keep your muscles rebuilding as oestrogen depletes them with hormonal changes, and keeps your skin firm
  • Vitamins* + Activators* - which help the body heal & work the way it's designed to by nature - I take personalised vitamins for my needs as well as a high quality, non-toxic pharmaceutical Multi* and Fish Oil * (guaranteed Mercury free)
  • Shower - count your blessings - I find this a great time to do gratitudes as I love the quiet time of a shower and can visualise any negative energy or feelings washing off me with the showered
  • Plus - every 2-3 days in the shower - I will either loofah whole body or use a body brush with long handle so I can reach my back. Start gently here, as it can be scratchy on your skin if it is thin
  • Nourish my body first - use a body moisturiser* - it is highly important to use something with “substance” here (ie. NOT Vaseline Intensive Care or the like, as they are too watery & is petroleum based - meaning it strips vitamins out of the skin & will dry your skin over time)
  • Facial Skin-Care Ritual - see below
  • 10-15mins meditation or breathing & completing it with focus/intention for the day

Throughout the day - focus on “fuelling the body” for energy

  • 1ltr of water by midday/1pm
  • Salads, greens and lean protein and plenty of healthy fats (avocado’s, nuts & seeds) - afternoon tea - usually nuts/seed mix or bliss balls
  • Another 1/2ltr water by 5pm (I’m working on getting better at this)
  • 1/2ltr water after dinner (so I don’t pick)
  • Hot drinks - I will usually have 1 coffee p/day (around 11am - sometimes earlier) - almond milk/ or use soy (I have an allergy to Soy, so that isn’t an option for me)
  • Remainder of day for hot drinks - herbal teas or plain hot water (sometimes with lemon)
  • NB: Herbal teas don’t count as water intake as they go through your liver (which is a good thing as usually they will be very cleansing and support the processes here for detoxification)
  • ONLY WATER - cold or hot - is counted as water for the day (AIM for 2ltrs p/day)

Night Ritual

  • Skincare ritual that allows me some quiet “prep” time for ME before bed *(see below)
  • Hop into bed - Gratitude journal (or if it’s really late - I’ll count at least 3 in my head)
  • Visualise realising my goals (I am very goal driven - sometimes these are personal & sometimes a combo of work & personal)
  • FEEL the feeling of gratitude as I go into a 10min meditation - starting with 3-10 abdominal breaths to really relax fully - SLEEP

I don’t have much trouble sleeping – BUT I used to…

If sleep is troubling me:

  • Have a small glass of water
  • Imagine emptying my mind & floating thoughts onto a cloud & that cloud drifting off with my thoughts going with it
  • Imagining a black hole (don’t think of a negative space when I say black hole - just darkness that is comforting)...and I am sinking into the black hole of rest & rejuvenation

….this will do it for me

great skin care practices

It takes practice - all of these...but they are worth taking the time over...and then it feels sooo quick & easy

  • To Purchase your Skincare regime online - ask me for a personalised customer number for w/sale prices
  • Green Smoothie - I’ll send you the recipe
  • Whey Protein is better than Soy Protein for women over 40yrs as helps metabolism and usage of muscles (so they don’t waste away with changes in estrogen)
  • Fibergy - promotes healthy bowel movement (ev woman needs 25gm p/day) (a lot!)
  • Probiotics - keeps a healthy microbiome/gut barrier - also good if have IBS conditions &/or skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, allergies
  • Rev 3 sachets - adrenal support when feeling stressed - I use this in my smoothie or for late afternoon pick me up as a warm tea

Your Skin Care Rituals

Skin Care Ritual - AM - (less than 2 mins)
  1. Hydrating Toner
  2. Eye Cream
  3. Vitalizing Serum (Firming)
  4. Day cream with SPF 15

I use Celavive, True Science & Intraceuticals – click here to find which brand is best for your skin Skincare (I have this in salon & online) & use Inika Make-up

All skincare and make up is natural, plant-based, non-toxic AND anti-ageing (with peptides)

Skin Care Ritual - PM - (2 mins)
  1. Conditioning Eye MakeUp Remover
  2. Cleanser – milky one*
  3. Hydrating Toner
  4. Vitalizing Serum
  5. Night cream

*at this stage – I use 1 drop of essential oil (atm I am using Frankincense) in the basin

  • Fill the basin with warm water
  • Drop 1 dp of essential oil in
    Swish around with your hand – inhale smell as doing this
  • Use a face cloth/washer/muslin cloth – lightly place on top of water (it will absorb the oil & water)
  • Squeeze out excess & hold up against skin before washing the cleanser off

You may want to repeat the dip & inhale 3 x if you’ve had a busy or stressful day

THIS PROCESS starts the steps of neuro-chemicals being released from the brain to engage SLEEP

Think of this as your bedtime routine

Skin Care Ritual - every 3 months
  • I will use a Booster or Serum that is focused on lines, or a specific targeted function (I use the Intraceuticals for this)
  • eg. Vitamin C to work on pigmentation & sun damage
  • Vitamin A – in dead of Winter to lift colour or if skin is looking dull/grey
  • Anti-Oxidant Booster if have been sick, or travelling to lift & keep skin less irritated
  • Collagen Booster – like this one at “change of season”

The NEW RETOUCH range from Intraceuticals

  • I am experimenting at the moment but so far really like the EYES, LIFT
  • Getting good feedback on LINES & HIGHLIGHT (used this the other day for a photoshoot & then went out – nice!)
  • For travel – I use the Intraceuticals travel sizes – much lighter and Opulence range has SPF15 in it
Skin Care Rituals - Weekly
  • Exfoliate (in the shower mostly) – Wed & Sunday’s – works better for me to choose 2 days & stick to them – I will sometimes do it more if skin feeling dry or if I have travelled
  • Mask – Wed night (I leave on as my overnight cream)
  • Mask – Sunday night – use a Sheet mask (Celavive) and leave on (which is a bit weird but works for me) – you can also try it late afternoon while reading a book to “chill” – leave on 20mins and then massage in remainder of product. Mask used like this can be re-used for 1-2 days in a row afterwards

ME Time

  • Facials – 1 x month
  • Massage – 1 x 6wkly (unless I’m racing – then sometimes ev 2 wks)*
  • Reiki – 1 x month (spiritual connection to ME)
  • Nails – 1 x 3wks – this is my “treat” – find yours – for me when I look at my nails – I feel more feminine (this isn’t for everyone – so find your “thing”)

* If you don’t know I do triathlon & race in the Summer season (which means training 7 days p/ wk, all year round) = lots of early morning and quite often a sore body

If you would like to know more about personalising your vitamins – I am a qualified Skin Nutritionist and specialise in helping women super charge their energy…so they love their life!

There is a big difference in eating well and eating nutritionally – if you need help – please reach out

There is also a big gap between nutrients food can give us in today’s world, which is why I recommend supplements to bridge the gap, which helps you have the ENERGY you are craving – so you can make better choices with EVERYTHING throughout the day.

PS. Not all supplements are created equal – get one that is guaranteed to absorb & be toxin free

I love seeing Vicky for my Facials every 6 weeks. She makes my skin feel so smooth and silky. It’s my time to relax, I also have found all the supplements that Vicky has recommended are the right formulations for my body and have made a big difference to my health. I highly recommend Vicky from Better Body she will not only look after your body and health but is a beautiful kind and caring lady. Thank you Vicky for being so nutritioning.
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