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Beat The Burnout Program

A 3 month commitment to renewed energy, better sleep & a more productive YOU

A powerful 3 month program that will transform your life

Discover three basic principles that help busy women have a calm, grounded energy all day long, regardless of workload & learn how to implement them into everyday life for sustainable energy that keeps you fulfilled without the overwhelm or business to keep you at your “best”.

These principles will prevent burn-out, over-commitment and a feeling of being in “the grind”. Modern women need these daily skills that do not cost extra time – so YOU are the boss of your day, not others, enabling a more efficient and constructive way to get results, both at home & in the boardroom.

The premise of getting your own oxygen mask on first sounds good in theory, but in today’s world you need a strategy on what gives you the biggest result with the least effort without being consumed with the priorities of others.

beat the burnout program
benefits of burnout recovery program

Benefits of Beat The Burnout

This 3 month program allows you a personalised approach based on your current wellness and energy levels and guides you to a physical, mental and emotional change that supports your lifestyle and personality. This is based on real-life strategies & “how-to’s” to:

  • Structure your day for success;

  • Get more energy from your food and nutrients you consume without going on a diet (and the difference between nutrients, fueling and calories);

  • How to tap out from stress;

  • How to beat the bloat, digestive complaints and changing weight with hormonal transitions.

I love seeing Vicky for my Facials every 6 weeks. She makes my skin feel so smooth and silky. It’s my time to relax, I also have found all the supplements that Vicky has recommended are the right formulations for my body and have made a big difference to my health. I highly recommend Vicky from Better Body she will not only look after your body and health but is a beautiful kind and caring lady. Thank you Vicky for being so nutritioning.
Oxygen Facials - Skin Care Testimonial
Angela Sorpreso

With these sound and simple strategies in place, & a mentor by your side to problem solve & give you nutritional support as you expand your knowledge on what serves you, your family and your team - you will truly feel in control of your day - rather than your day controlling you.

What you get in the 3 month Beat The Burnout Program..

  • 1hr Vitality Plan with your 3 month Strategy Outline

  • Weekly 30min Zoom mentoring calls (12 sessions over 3 months)

  • Cheat Sheets for –

    • Mindset success

    • Deep sleep

    • Healing foods & nutrition

    • Skin health to minimise premature ageing

    • Bio-hacks for optimal physical & cognitive performance

  • Personal Supplement and Nutritional Recommendations for optimal energy & health

Enrol in Beat The Burnout

3 Month Program
$ 2,300


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