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Vitality Consultation

reclaim your health and vitality

This One Hour Vitality Consult gives you a plan that is unique for you to reclaim your health & wellness - mentally, physically & emotionally

Your consultation focuses on finding the “holes” in what Doctors and Specialists don’t take the time to look for when you know things aren’t “right”.

You are a “whole-being” made up of emotional, mental and physical needs that impact how you operate and show up in the world – especially as hormones change around and cause havoc.


Benefits of Your Consultation


As a result of your consultation I’ll help you achieve..

  • a better quality of sleep

  • mental clarity

  • focus

  • healthy metabolism

  • healthy hormones

  • a strategic way to manage stress and

  • create VITALITY through having a CALMER energy (without the mood swings & “hangry” moments) that is sustainable and productive, as opposed to frantic and burnt out.

Through a step by step outline of support strategies & lifestyle recommendations, you will receive a check list of priorities that speak to the imbalances in your nutrition, nervous system & gut health – restoring your natural state to be strong, active and vibrant again.

As a Natural Anti-Ageing Expert & Wellness consultant, and Holistic Aromatherapist – I know the importance of showing up to your “world” totally engaged & focused. Lifestyle and Nutrition play such an integral foundation to how you do that.

Let’s get you restored to your natural state of be strong, active and vibrant again.

Only $299

Really enjoy learning about simple things to keep my skin in peak condition, and lifestyle factors that are impacting my sense of vitality. Vicky is immensely knowledgeable on personal practices, quality products and nutrients required not only to look but feel awesome from the inside out. Her tips aren’t hacks but based on the science of the body and mind which she easily translates for her clients. Wish I’d tapped into her font of knowledge earlier. If you’re feeling flat, bloated, need some insights on your skin and lifestyle factors affecting it, Vicky’s worth a consult at the very least.
Eibhlin Fletcher Menopause Program participant
Eibhlin Fletcher


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