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Thrive Through Menopause Treatment Australia - Special Offer

A 6 Week program to help you confidently navigate & thrive into Menopause, naturally

Are you going through Peri-Menopause?

Menopause is a natural part of life and one that should be celebrated as a time for YOU…finally you get to shape the way you want to spend your next 30+ years and how that can support your lifestyle – after all, you’ve done a lot of the hard work, right? You now want to reap the benefits.

I understand exactly what it’s like to be feeling out of control with a body that is doing something “odd” and you just can’t figure out what has changed. In my early 40’s I was having massive anxiety, “squaring out” in shape (you know the way your waist disappears! Argh!) & finding I was getting muddled & emotional in ways that were just “not me”. I actually thought at one time I might be going crazy because my emotions were all over the place – I can’t believe I’m still married 🙂 haha…and then through some professional upskilling for work that I was doing at the time & a chance conversation with a colleague, I got to thinking… was it my hormones?

What transpired was a complete overhaul of my already “healthy” lifestyle, including looking at food as “fuel for my body” that had a purpose and a better, more effective (& time sensitive) way to deal with daily stress. Because I had a lot on – busy, busy – kids, business owner, social coordinator & hubby that travelled a LOT – so juggling balls all the time and didn’t even realise I WAS stressed!
This has now been the foundation of how I have mentored and taught hundreds of incredible women over the last two+ decades through this phase of life and how I turned my hormonal roller coaster around into an even-keeled “happy hormone” situation, with very few menopausal side-effects & I know that I can help you too.

I used to think that eating well (ie. healthy) and having an exercise routine meant I would be OK. I now know that it is so much more than that – at a deeper level…a truly holistic view of the body (physically, mentally and emotionally) brings about so much more joy, calmness and alignment with who you are and what you stand for and contribute to in the world.

Together, we can make Menopause a positive experience, more enjoyable and something that you can THRIVE through to feel more confident, energised and happy.

Here’s what Eibhlin had to say...
Riding my bike one Saturday with Vicky, I was sharing my frustrations about my weight gain, lack of motivation coupled with a serious absence of patience for my family. Vicky turned her head towards me, gingerly suggesting these were the first symptoms of menopause. BOOM! I didn’t know there were early signs of menopause. Menopause was not on my radar at 44 years of age. I was naive about the myriad first signs of menopause, nor the ages it strikes. A deeper dialogue continued where I realised I was not unique in my emotional and physical state of being, PHEW! This resulted in a tailored Thrive Through Menopause program, opening the door to a new life that I am now in control of. I’m ever grateful to that morning I accidentally cycled with Vicky. I got a grip of menopause before it did too much damage to my mental and physical wellbeing, career and loved ones.
Eibhlin Fletcher

There are so many different emotions and symptoms that we go through during this change

  • Constantly irritable & moody

  • Stressed or anxious

  • Unable to sleep

  • Putting on weight around your tummy


  • Maybe you’re wanting to try Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) but aren’t sure

  • You’ve tried ideas from friends & advice from your doctor but nothing is working

  • You’re finding everything too confusing out there & you’re just not sure where to start or if & what is going to work for YOU.

Well here is the good news!

I’ve designed a 6 week menopause program that will take you from uncertainty and confusion to thriving & confident. You will learn to nourish & nurture yourself so you can go from Chaos to Calm in Your 40’s & beyond!

I’m Vicky Jamieson

I’m a Qualified Wellness Coach, Beauty Therapist, Holistic Aromatherapist, and Anti-Ageing Expert.

I have owned my own Anti-Ageing clinic for over 25 years and it has always been my belief that your skin reflects the health and vitality of your body. Your skin is another organ of the body and can give you so many clues and messages to how to optimise it mentally, physically and to allow you to get the most out of life… with vitality & joy.

Natural Menopause Treatment Australia

My mission in life is to help women overcome unnecessary hormonal symptoms that make life more challenging, with a foundation of “ground up” nutrition, wellness structures & awareness, built from not only my own personal experience of changing hormones, stress & gut issues, but based on the methodologies from combining several eastern & western wellness philosophies that have stood the test of time, empowering women at this stage of life to embrace their bodies & helping transform healthy women into powerful women on a purpose, living with vitality without giving up chocolate or wine.

My commitment to you is that after participating in my Thrive Through Menopause Treatment Australia you will feel more confident knowing what you need to do for YOUR symptoms as your hormones change, creating a solid healthy hormone foundation for you to move forward from and enabling you to make positive changes in with your lifestyle on your terms – giving you more energy, less stress, and great skin, while you reclaim your vitality!

Here’s what Julie had to say...
I was in the early stages of perimenopause and I wanted to be informed about the journey ahead and how best to prepare and manage the psychological changes and challenges. I was experiencing weight gain, lack of motivation and hot flushes at any time of the day and night. I didn’t want to start with a medical pathway so I looked for a holistic approach for information and this is what attracted me to Thrive Through Menopause. The weekly information sessions are easy to follow and easy to catch up on if you miss a week and support around vitamins and the benefits was one of my favourite contents. I now have a nightly routine and my skin has never been better and I have more energy thanks to the personalised supplements. I am still experiencing hot flushes, however they have become less frequent & I have a better understanding of them which is helping with the journey.
Julie Pierce, Melbourne, VIC
This program is for you if..
  • You want to reclaim your energy & sort the yoyo emotions out.

  • You need to find a way to sort through the brain fog and weight that keeps stacking on, without going on another diet.

If you’re suffering from any or all of the following:

  • Sagging skin that lacks elasticity and firmness?

  • You are tired all the time and just accept being told you are ‘no spring chicken’?

  • Constantly interrupted sleep, then you stay awake worrying about your lack of sleep?

  • Hot flushes that hit you for no reason, especially in bed at night?

  • Uncontrollable mood swings, teary and irritable for no reason?

  • Can’t think properly and lose your train of thought regularly?

  • Feeling lethargic, losing enthusiasm for life and no sex drive?

  • You put on weight easily even though you are eating the ‘right’ foods?

  • Serious lack of patience, out of love with your partner and impatient with colleagues?

I’ll support you through it all as well as having a community of cheerleaders behind you, with like-minded women in this group that “get you” and what you are going through.

After This Program You Will..
  • Sleep better, with new VITALITY each day

  • Have a clear head & manage your stress levels better

  • Optimise the best weight for you & know the root-cause of weight gain according to YOUR personality & body type – so you keep focused on nutrition vs diet

  • Have a clear pathway with systems & foundations to build upon based on your current wellness, so you can continue to thrive year on year

  • Have amazing skin that your girlfriends are jealous of!

Here is the answer to your 'Menopause Blues'

The good news is that I have condensed my 28 yrs of experience into a 6 Week Program of strategies that work to short-cut the Menopause Minefield with more energy, balance and control, whilst banishing the night sweats and the discomfort and stress you have been experiencing.

Through a combination of:

  • Group Coaching

  • Live Q & A sessions

  • Videos, pdf’s & Worksheets

  • alongside a personalised selection of natural, anti aging products & recommendations (to the value of $100)

you will go from feeling stressed and unbalanced, to feeling calm, happy and in control.

And the best part – you can do it all from the comfort of your own home but still be connected with a community of like minded women- going through the same issues!

Don’t wait any longer!

Book TODAY to finally take charge of those hormones and how you feel…

As this is a limited group coaching environment – only 10 places are available. The next round starts – 21st June!

Book your place below.


Reserve Your Spot Today

Thrive Through Menopause Program
$ 797 21st June - 31st July
What you receive in your Thrive Through Menopause Program..
  • One on one Personalised Video Consultation at the start of your program with me – this is where I find out more about you, and the specific hormonal issues you are facing & device your own personalised action plan for the 6 weeks

  • Membership of my Dedicated Private Thrive Through Menopause Facebook Group, to stay connected with other like-minded women who are going through the program with you

  • Video Trainings

  • PDFs

  • Worksheets put out weekly that cover everything to help you get back on track and out of the Menopause Minefield (see list of below of exact details)

  • Personalised supply of Anti-Ageing “symptom specific” products as a foundation for wellness, hand-picked by myself that work to help you detoxify gently, lose unwanted weight and restore your energy levels – shipped straight to your door! (to the value of $100)

  • LIVE Q&A sessions every week to clarify any details that may need tweaking for your schedule or lifestyle to help you achieve and maintain your journey out of the Menopause Minefield

  • Lifetime access for you to go back and re-visit along your journey. Menopause typically takes 10 years to occur…so things can change. This will keep you up to date and ready for any new challenges along the way (extremely important)

Want to Know More? These Videos Will Tell You Everything.

What is it worth to you to stop feeling tired, overweight, unfocussed, stressed and impatient? $5,000.. $2,000.. $1,000 ??

The Thrive Through Menopause Treatment Australia is only $797! Early Bird price until 7th June.

Everything is included in the 6 Weeks – with lifetime access.

After the programme you will feel

  • Less stressed

  • Calm

  • Revitalised

  • With a bonus zest for life

  • and a healthy weight with great skin


Reserve Your Spot Today

Thrive Through Menopause Program
$ 797 21st June - 31st July
As part of the programme you receive full access to a suite of videos I have specially prepared for participants..
  • Gut health & inflammation

  • Foods to choose for cravings

  • Nutrients over nutrition – what does that mean

  • How to have energy all day without the highs and lows

  • What to change when hormones change

  • What to do for skin health as hormones break down your skin – thinning & sagging

  • How to reduce stress – 3 tips

  • How to detox safely

  • How to keep your skin firm as you get older

  • How to set up daily rituals to keep you sane

  • Face Mapping – the physical & emotional connection & how to manage

  • Cortisol & stress – how to limit its impact on your symptoms

  • How to choose what type of exercise is best for your body type

  • Mindset on wisdom & moving forward for your next chapter

  • Sleep

  • How to meditate for relaxation

  • Supplements that support the transition

  • Herbs that support energy

  • Link to menopause test – how each personality differs – know yours

  • Symptoms & headspace -staying on top of these

  • Healing foods

  • Gut health

  • Mental health

  • Chinese & 5 Element support to stay in better flow

  • Blood testing and when you need it

You will receive access to these videos to download and keep for a lifetime – imperative as symptoms change

Here’s what Shelley had to say...
I decided to do this programme as a means of empowering my journey through this phase in my life by gaining knowledge, understanding, practical help and tips and building a supportive “community”. Vicky’s programme ticked most of these boxes for me! The quality of the information is excellent and delivered in an easy to use and understand manner. Her practical tips and recommendations are extensive and would appeal to a wide variety of women. You can pick and choose what you would like to adopt in your life. I certainly have started a number of new practises which have been very beneficial to me. Vicky is very easy to chat to and is a fantastic living example of how well her programme works!
Shelley Hyne, Melbourne, VIC

Reserve Your Spot Today

Thrive Through Menopause Treatment Australia
$ 797 21st June - 31st July


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