How to Maintain or Gain Energy During Lockdown

STRESS creates energy loss

Brain Dumping to ease adrenaline

It’s clear that the more you worry about “stuff” – the more depleted you feel of energy…so here’s a few ideas to keep your mind clearer, emotions more supported & therefore GAIN more physical energy to get through the day…

Brain dump in the morning (or even 4 x per day if feeling overwhelmed). This does 2 things:-

  • this gets it out onto paper so your brain can SEE in black & white – what to action & what to put aside to deal with later…
  • as you are “writing” down your thoughts, you are moving & using up some of the fight or flight hormones like adrenaline & cortisol – that when in high use (like in our everyday Covid situation) use more energy in the body


Vicky Jamieson

Vicky Jamieson

Vicky is a qualified Health and Nutrition Consultant and has been helping women live healthier more fulfilled lives for over 25 years.

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